Why Timber Frame and Trusses?

Why Timber?

Timber is considered to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly building material within the construction industry and perfect for the Australian climate.

Timber is one of the few building materials that is a natural product. It is non-toxic, meaning that it doesn’t leak chemicals and is safe to touch.

Being anti-corrosive it does not corrode in salt air or around heavy industries unlike steel and many other building materials.

Due to their lightweight, timber frames and trusses can be constructed faster and easier.

Why use Prefab frames?

Peace of mind with a fully engineered design – all our designs are completed under licence using Pryda Build design software, ensuring all aspects of your build meet the required Australian Standards.

Our frames are pre-assembled and delivered to site, allowing a speedy construction. They require only basic assemlby which saves a great deal of time for trades on site.

Truss systems are durable, designed by engineers in the factory to meet building codes and specific roof designs whereas building a roof frame on site leaves much to the carpenters’ opinions in terms of strength and durability.

Should I be worried about termites?

Short answer, no. All timber used in our builds have been specially treated to resist and
repel termites and has a 25-year guarantee providing peace of mind for all customers.

Is timber framed houses thermally efficient?

Absolutely! Timber is a natural insulator due to the several air pockets found within its
cellular structure. These air pockets create a natural barrier to the outside heat and cold.

Each frame has open sections allowing for extra insulation to be placed without increasing the thickness of that particular area.

Is the use of timber frames environmentally friendly?

Timber is a renewable resource making it the most environmentally friendly building
material to use in construction.

The use of lightweight timber as used in our prefabricated frames and trusses can greatly
minimize the use of non-renewable energy because they are thermally efficient.

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