Timber Wall Frames

Worldwide Truss and Frames supplies prefabricated timber wall frames to the building industry in Perth and regional Western Australia.

All of our designs are completed under licence using Pryda Build design software, ensuring all aspects of your build meet the required Australian Standards.

Designed using Pryda Build

Reduce on-site labour hours.

Easy to assemble.

Designed and engineered to the highest industry standards.


Perth and Regional Western Australia

Timber framing is a great insulator – it can help keep a home warm or cool. Since timber doesn’t absorb or radiate heat at a significant level, it is great at helping keep the temperature stable in homes and structures.

If you’re looking for expertise design and installation of quality timber wall frames in the Perth metro or regional Western Australia, then please get in touch today. 

Save Time and Money

Because we supply them as a complete package designed specifically for your project, our wall frame components are ready for assembly when they arrive at site.

Coming Soon…..

Exclusive machinery to Worldwide Truss and Frame bringing even faster delivery times and strength….


Pryda Wall Frame

Pryda Design

Quality and engineering are enhanced with prefabricated construction. Our designs are completed under licence using the Pryda Build deisgn sofware which allows us to  manufacturer walls frames in a controlled environment with a high degree of accuracy. This is an engineers dream to know that their approved design has been made correctly.

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